5 Reasons Why a Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock is Better Than Your Cell Phone Alarm

These days, most people use their cell phones for just about everything. This includes alarm clocks. The alarm clock is a nice feature for a phone to have but it comes with some big problems. Here are 5 reasons why a sunrise simulator alarm clock is a better choice for an alarm than your cell phone.

Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock vs phone alarm

1. Hormone Disruption Versus Hormone Balance

The biggest problem a cell phone has is that the screens almost always emit blue light. This light messes with the hormones that play a big role in sleep. When you have your cell phone in the bedroom and you use it at night before bed, even if just to set your alarm for the next morning, your melatonin levels will go down when they need to go up.

A sunrise simulator alarm clock never emits blue light. The only light it emits when simulating the sunrise or the sunset is the kind of light that will impact your hormones and your sleep cycle in a positive way.

2. Distraction Versus Relaxation

It's a good idea to keep your phone out of the bedroom altogether. Why? It's a constant source of distraction! It's pretty hard to ignore those push notifications and texts and news alerts. In addition to the blue light factor, this constant source of stimulation and distraction can be disastrous for restful sleep. A wake-up light alarm clock helps keep your room simple and distraction free.

3. Waking Up From Deep Sleep Versus Waking Up Gradually

With a cell phone alarm, you set a time and that's when it goes off. If you're in the middle of the deep sleep or REM stage of the sleep cycle, that is going to be a tough start to your day. Waking up from deep sleep has been shown to result in irritation, mood problems, and even cognitive issues. With a sunrise simulator alarm clock, you will be woken up gradually over a period of time.

As the clock simulates the sunrise, you will naturally wake up during a lighter stage of sleep. This means a happier and more energetic start to the day.

4. A Utilitarian Object Everyone Has Versus Unique, Functional Art

If you're a big tech person, you might think of your phone as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. But they are something everyone has and they aren't really all that special anymore.

An alarm clock that simulates the sunrise, on the other hand, is a unique tool that is both functional and beautiful. From a glowing orb like the Philips HF3606 to the minimalistic and new age look of the Lumie Bodyclock Active 250, these alarm clocks are an attractive accent to your room in addition to being a great clock.

5. Continual Upgrades Versus One-Time Investment

Obviously, you don't need to upgrade your phone just for the alarm clock feature. Yet, the cell phone market is built around a cycle of continually upgrading to newer and nicer devices.

A sunrise simulator alarm clock is a one-time investment that will last a long time. Of course, even if you do decide to switch to a wake-up light alarm clock, you'll probably still end up continuing to spend money on new phones. But a sunrise simulator clock is something you can count on for the long haul without the need to upgrade.

Cell phones are great and they really do make our lives better but they are a pretty terrible choice for an alarm clock. A dawn simulator clock is a much better way to wake up. It contributes to more restful sleep. They are also nice looking accents for the bedroom and only require a one-time investment for years of happy mornings.

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