Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock Comparison

It's no secret, Philips is the brand to choose if you're after the best wake up light alarm clock for 2017. To date, they have quite a few models ranging from the budget friendly HF3500 all the way up to the very popular HF3520.

The comparison table below will highlight the top 4 Philips wake up light alarm clocks at the moment, you can compare each model to see which one best suits your individual needs.

 Philips HF3520Philips HF3510Philips HF3505Philips HF3500
philips hf3520 sunlight alarm clockphilips hf3510 sunrise alarm clockphilips hf3505 sunlight alarm clockphilips hf3500 sunlight alarm clock
Sunrise simulation duration Adjustable (20-40 min)Adjustable (20-40 min) 30 min 30 min
Colors in sunrise simulation Red, Orange, Yellow Orange, Yellow Yellow Yellow
Sunset simulation
Reading lamp
Adjustable display
Maximum light intensity 300 lux 300 lux 200 lux 200 lux
FM radio
Number of wake-up sounds 5321
Number of alarms 2111
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Overall Thoughts

All of these Philips wake up light alarm clocks offer the quality, dependability, and proven results that Philips is known for. At the higher price points, you get a lot more features.

The HF3520 clearly holds the title of best in class with its colored sunrise and sunset simulations as well as the ability to customize several settings. On the other end, the HF3500 offers the basic minimum of what you want without any extras. The HF3510 and HF3505 fall somewhere in the middle.

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