Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock Review

There are a lot of wake up light alarm clocks on the market that offer the same thing. This Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock has some unique differences that make it worth looking at. The Mosche wake up light alarm clock is a particularly great option for kids.

Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock Review

Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock Review Highlights

Color Choice and Mood Lighting

Unlike the majority of wake up light alarm clocks on the market, this Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock lets you choose from seven different colors for the light.

You can choose from white, green, red, blue, purple, orange, and indigo lights. Starting the day not just with light but with your favorite color could help boost happiness and energy levels to help you start your day right. There is also a fun mood light mode where the clock glows in an alternation between the various colors.

Night Light

In addition to the color choice and the mood light option, this Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock works well as a night light. You have your choice of 10 brightness settings, letting you use it as a bedside reading lamp to read before bed and then turning it down to a low night light setting.

You have your choice of colors or can even use the color-changing mood light setting as a night light. It's even possible to have something like a dusk simulation where the light gradually dims to help you gradually fall asleep.

Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock Specs

Natural Sounds

The maximum brightness is just under 80 lux, so it doesn't get as bright as other wake up light alarm clocks. This makes the choice of wake up sounds more valuable. As a back up to the light for waking up, you have your choice between FM radio or six wake up sounds.

This includes several nature sounds like ocean waves and birdsong as well as a traditional alarm beep. The FM radio can also be enjoyed any time of the day not just when the alarm goes off.

Choice of Power

You can power this device using either a USB charger or wall outlet plug-in. The 5-volt output is 50-60 hertz. You can also use AAA batteries as a backup, a nice option to have in case the power goes out or if you want to use it in another where's there's no power socket nearby.

Great Value

It's important to note that Mosche offers a lot of value in this cheap wake up light alarm clock. It offers a number of useful features and settings that make it stand out. It's hard to find a wake up light alarm clock that offers more value for the money.

Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock

Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock Main Features

  • 7 Colors
  • Light & Mood Light Mode
  • 10 adjustable brightness settings
  • Reading light functionality
  • 6 Natural sounds
  • FM radio
  • Backup battery option

Overall Thoughts

The overwhelming majority of people who own the Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock have really positive things to say. A number of reviewers on Amazon talk about buying this for their children but then wanting to keep it for themselves. On the negative side, some people do say it's not of the best quality and that the speakers aren't great.

Another complaint is that the buttons are small and some of the controls are frustrating, like a volume button that makes you cycle all the through from lowest to highest volume rather than giving you a knob control or even separate buttons for making it louder or softer. The positive reviews tend to focus on the lights and the different color options. Many report that it's an ideal night light for kids.

Because the LED lighting isn't as bright as on other wake up light alarm clocks, it's probably not all that helpful for people with SAD. That said, it is a great choice for many people and perhaps an especially good option for children thanks to the choice of colors and lighting options.

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