INLIFE Wake-Up Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock Review

If you feel it's time to replace your regular alarm clock, you may want to consider getting a gadget that has managed to transform the waking up experience of thousands of people. Light alarm clocks or sunrise simulation alarm clocks are designed to gently ease you into a new day and are perfect for heavy sleepers or for anyone who needs to wake up while it is still dark.

INLIFE Wake-Up Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock Review

The INLIFE Wake-Up Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock is an alternative to conventional alarm clocks. It comes with an affordable price tag (especially when compared to other brand-name light alarm clocks) and with an attractive range of functions and features.


Sunrise simulation and automatic display dimming

This light alarm naturally wakes you up without sudden or harsh transitions from a darkened room to a bright outdoor environment. Just as you would see during a real-life sunrise, the clock's light changes from warm orange hues to bright yellow tones over a period of 30 minutes.

There's also an automatic dimming function that reduces the clock's brightness at 11 p.m. every night. This is something you may want to consider if you go to bed at an earlier time and need total darkness in order to fall asleep.

INLIFE Sunlight Alarm Clock

Easy to personalise

The alarm clock's maximum light output is 70 lumens, but you can adjust the light intensity settings as brightness control options are pre-set at 5 different levels: 12%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. You can also personalise the time display and choose between 12 and 24-hour clock modes. And if for some reason you ever need to temporarily disable the light alarm function, simply unplug it and run it on batteries.

Multiple sound alarms

The INLIFE Wake-Up Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock offers 6 sound alarms inspired by nature, so you can say goodbye to waking up to beeping or blaring sounds. If you'd rather not wake up to any audio alarm at all, you can disable this function by simply turning the volume down to zero.

However, bear in mind that when the volume is turned off, there will be a clicking sound replacing the sound alarm. If you also want to disable this sound and prefer to wake up in total silence, choose the radio alarm function and switch the volume off.


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FM Radio

This INLIFE wake-up light is a multi-functional device featuring an FM radio that can be programmed as a wake-up alarm sound. The FM radio feature also works as some sort of back-up or snooze function. If your chosen sound alarm goes off and you turn it off to get a few more minutes of sleep, the INLIFE light alarm clock will automatically turn on the radio. We found that having this background sound on could help prevent sleeping in.

Multi-coloured night light

In addition to a sunrise simulation effect, this alarm clock works as a bedside table or as an accent light, so it can be used for both functional and decorative purposes. The outer ring glows in white/ yellow, red, purple, green, and red, and the intensity of these colours can be adjusted, so in actual fact you get much more than just 5 shades. To change the light's colour, tap on the colour-coded touch-control buttons placed under the time display.

Main Features

The main features of this INLIFE Wake-Up Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock are:

  • Gradual sunrise simulation effect
  • Seven alarm sounds, including an FM radio wake-up mode
  • Adjustable LED lights (5 brightness levels)
  • Automatic display dimming
  • Solid and durable construction, made with ABS plastic
  • Multi-coloured lights (5 colours to choose from)
  • Works as a reading light / mood lighting fixture
  • Three charging options: micro USB, mains and battery power
  • User friendly touch-control display
  • Digital display size 1.5×0.6 inches
  • Product dimensions: 9.3 x 7.2 x 4.2 inches

Where to buy

At time of writing, the INLIFE Wake-Up Sunrise Simulation Alarm clock was available at and for $35 and $49 respectively. Please use the buttons below to check up-to-date pricing and to see more user reviews of this wake up light alarm clock with FM radio in your country.

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