Best Sunlight Alarm Clock under $50

Technological advances are meant to make our lives easier, and this is certainly true when it comes to alarm clocks. Gone are the days when traditional alarm clocks woke you up with a jolt, as now you can wake up in a more pleasant and gentle way thanks to a sunlight alarm clock.

Best Sunlight Alarm Clock

Over the past few years, the main electronics brands have made available a huge range of options, many of which are on the expensive side at nearly $100. If you can't or won't spend that much on an alarm clock, you can get pretty much the same functionality at half the price. Take a look at our reviews of the top 6 best sunlight alarm clocks under $50.

Best Sunlight Alarm Clocks under $50

#1: INLIFE Wake-Up Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

INLIFE Sunlight Alarm Clock

This might be the best sunlight alarm clock under $50 in terms of personalisation options. The INLIFE sunrise alarm clock has a front display with 2 time formats (12 and 24-hour modes), and its brightness can be adjusted to pre-set levels of 12, 25, 50, 75 and 100%.

The sunrise effect can be personalised by choosing one of the 5 pastel shades available (yellow, pink, powder blue, green, and red) and by adjusting the intensity up to a maximum of 70 lumens. There's also a choice of 7 audio alarms consisting of 6 nature-inspired sounds plus the option of setting your favourite FM radio station to work as an alarm. Charging options are micro-USB, mains connection, and AAA batteries as back-up.

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#2: PYRUS Sunlight Alarm Clock

PYRUS Sunlight Alarm Clock

The PYRUS is among the most affordable options in this Best Sunlight Alarm Clock under $50 list. The circular design features a digital time display plus an outer ring powered by a LED light that replicates the sunrise process by giving off light in a soft and warm glow in 7 appealing shades. The clock can also work as an ambient light or to help you relax before going to bed, since the brightness levels are adjustable.

The wake-up process lasts 30 minutes and is complemented by an audio alarm. Sound alarm options include 5 types of natural sounds and regular alarm beeps, as well as an FM radio alarm. A tap-to-snooze function is available, and you can turn off the alarm by pressing any button, so there's no need to fumble looking for the right button. One thing to note is that for this clock to be fully functional, it will need to be plugged in and use batteries. And at 160g, this is the lightest of all sunlight alarm clocks in this list.

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#3: YaPeach Sunrise Alarm Clock

YaPeach Sunlight Alarm Clock

The YaPeach offers good value for money with a choice of 5 alarm sounds, an adjustable stand, FM radio, and a multi-coloured sunrise simulation effect. Light colours include warm white, green, blue, red, and magenta. The LED light-powered display comes with 12 and 24-hour time format options and brightness levels can be modified at the touch of a button, ranging from very low (12%) to very high (100%).

It is also possible to switch off the time display by pressing the Alarm Down button for approximately 5 seconds, so this will come in handy for light sleepers or for anyone who needs total darkness in order to get to sleep. The alarm sound can be completely turned off in case you don't want/need the audio alarm to wake you up (there will a clicking sound though). Please note that if you only use this clock with batteries, the light function will not work, as the light alarm requires a mains connection.

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#4: Oria Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

Oria Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

This is another budget light alarm clock that offers great functionality at a very decent price, so in terms of value for money it could be the best sunlight alarm clock under 50. In terms of design, this Oria alarm clock is very similar to the YaPeach, but it does have extra options when it comes to the sound alarm (this model has 7 sounds instead of 5, including an FM radio alarm function). The sound alarm can be muted and switched off by tapping any button.

The sunrise effect comes in 5 colours (white, green, purple, blue, and red), whose brightness is adjustable to 4 levels. A nice addition is that the display will automatically dim at night. Other features include a multi-format time display, an adjustable stand, and reading light functionality when set at high brightness. Like the YaPeach, the light alarm requires main power and the batteries are there for back-up only.

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#5: Amir Wake-Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Amir Wake-Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

The Amir wake-up light offers a sunrise simulation effect with 4 brightness levels and 5 colours, which can be selected via the front panel's touch-sensitive buttons. Light intensity level goes from 1% to 100%, so it starts at a lower level than the INLIFE or YaPeach models. One thing to note is that although the display itself is not dimmable, you have the option of turning the time display off.

This alarm clock features a total of 7 alarm sounds (although some users have found them a bit too loud) and a built-in digital FM radio that can also be used as an alarm and that has been programmed to save selected stations. However, there is no snooze function available. This wake-up allows to choose between light-only or sound-only alarm modes either by simply bringing the alarm volume down to 0 or disabling the light alarm mode by running it only on batteries.

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#6: ARMRA Sunrise Alarm Clock


ARMRA Sunrise Simulation Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

The ARMRA is another affordable and multi-functional alarm clock that simulates a real sunrise and serves as a bedside lamp. You get the standard choice of LED-powered colours (purple, green, red, and blue, in addition to the soft white/yellow), and each colour has 4 brightness levels so you can experiment with it to find the most suitable light shade and intensity from every occasion. Bear in mind though that the lowest brightness level is set at 25%.

In addition to a nicely done light-fading effect, the ARMRA light alarm clock comes with 5 sounds to choose from, including those imitating streams, waterfalls, and waves, which are a nice change to the usual bird songs. Audio alarm options can be disabled if you wish and include an FM radio alarm. This model is the heaviest of the lot at 275g, but its dimensions are standard, so there's no extra bulk.

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Summing up

As you can see, there's no need to spend a fortune on a wake-up light alarm. It's just a matter of looking at some lesser-known brands that are nevertheless getting it right. Hopefully, these reviews will be useful and you will have no problem finding the best sunlight alarm clock under $50.

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