Welcome to Sunny Clocks.com, the website dedicated to providing you with all the information, tips, advice, and reviews of the best wake up light alarm clocks on the market. I've always been a person who struggles to wake up on time, and when I do finally get up – I would find myself feeling tired and without any energy.

For years I was content with blaming it on age, I had convinced myself it was just a natural part of life – that is until I discovered a sunrise alarm clock.

One day I received one of those random emails from Amazon which was featuring their bestselling wake up light alarm clock – the Philips HF3520. I figured there was nothing to lose, so I bought my first sunrise simulation alarm clock in October 2015.

To this day it has not left my bedside, I was (and still am) amazed at the difference this has made to my morning routine. Now I actually wake up feeling a lot more energetic and ready to take whatever the day throws at me.

The Goal of this Website

Had I not received that random email from Amazon I probably would still be stuck in that awful morning routine. So, I thought to myself why not help spread the word about this wonderful bedside gadget. It was through this desire that Sunny Clocks.com was born (technically – built).

We plan to make this one of the top if not the top resource for information, tips, and reviews when it comes to wake up light alarm clocks. Hopefully, you'll find all the information you need on our website to make the right choices and hopefully you'll get all the tips and advice you need to help you choose the best wake up light alarm clock for your needs.